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Critical Race Theory, Antiracism, and Education. After reading materials and debates around addressing race, diversity, and inclusion in our public-school systems, how should American history, culture, law, etc. be taught to America’s youth? Are projects like the 1619 Project a useful and important tool for a more just America? Are diversity trainings for teachers? In your argument, you may want to be clear both on what viewpoints are correct AND what good is accomplished by teaching those viewpoints (socially, politically, psychologically, etc.).


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The Rise of Multi-Domain MDM

Write down the most likely characteristics of a) an only child, b) a firstborn child, c) a middle-born child, and d) the youngest child.

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Discuss the political, economic, and social reasons why Westward Expansion occurred. Analyze evidence from migrant groups, government incentives, and the overall effect on population groups living in North America whose lifestyle shifted as a result.

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