Read the book Sapphire, (1996) Push, as the case study for illustrating concepts.

7 or more academic sources (not including the textbook or nove)You are to write a succinct summary of the book/case facts (1 Page max out of the 6-8 Pages total). Then you are to use the case study and relate it to course material. In this case, the “case study” is the case of Precious in the book PUSH. You are using her story and situation as the example, or case study, in which you guide your discussion.You should then have a synthesis. In your synthesis, you will examine the key findings, explore main concepts, and support your claims. The goal is to take concepts from the case study (book PUSH) and relate it to what we have talked about in the course. For example, if you read PUSH and there is sexual abuse- we talk about that in the course- so note where in PUSH it is.Example format:INTRODUCTION (Introduce the book and concepts- such as the different types of abuse. Do not forget a thesis- “The purpose of this paper is to explore….”).SUMMARY (One page summary of PUSH)LITERATURE REVIEW (This is where you will induce your critical analysis. I suggest using APA level 2 headings to help with organization. These subsections should be where you note the common themes between the course and the novel. Use your outside sources to support and expand on this discussion. For example, if you see Precious has experienced sexual abuse, what does the textbook and your outside sources say about sexual abuse?)CONCLUSION