Reading review for Sociology

READING REVIEWPlease review the following questions.(1) As you read through these articles recall our class lectures. Each of these articles is associated with a different theorist. Identify the theoretical framework, present a summary of that perspective, and present the elements of that theory as it appears in the article. Some of these will have full presentations of the theories – others will focus upon singular aspects. The goal is for you to understand how the theorists built these explanations and presented them to a sociologically informed audience. YOU are that audience. Do you find anything of merit in these article/perspectives? Do you find some of these perspectives lacking? If so, how – be specific.(2) You are also expected to extend your summary and thoughts about the article as they arise. You should place these independent ruminations in a separate section of your submitted response. They need not even be in paragraph form – bullet point them! I want you to share your reading notes/thoughts about the text in the larger context of the class.Thus, your final submission will include: (1) responses to the questions below, and (2) a section dedicated to your observations and thoughts about the article in course context.You should anticipate approximately 500-600 wordsmicrosoft format for download