Reflection Paper #1: Early Christian Lifestyle

Please note: Your Reflection Papers are meant to be about 450 to 600 words in length. You can either upload this as a Word document or type it in the assignment. Be sure to look over the entire question and offer your thought out response to it. Have it structured as an academic paper (citing your sources, with good grammatical and written structure etc. (see rubric)). I suggest that you use a size 12 font and Times New Roman.Assignment: For this assignment please make sure you read the Epistle of Diognetus, be sure to integrate the readings from your text to set the context for this particular writing. The following link is also something for you to consider: to an external site.. This is a work of known as apologetics where the early Christians are defending who they are and what they believe in to a greater society that does not understand them.Question: I want you to reflect on how the early Christians defined themselves. Through the lens of this author and from the historical lens that Justo Gonzalez provides how do you feel the early Christians defined themselves alongside the greater social and cultural milieu. What would you say are three defining characteristics for anyone who identified as a Christian during this time. Overall do you feel that the Romans who witnessed them hated them or sympathized with them, why?Finally, specifically reflecting on the Epistle of Diognetus, How do you feel about the way this author characterizes this movement, as an outsider (which to some extent we all are) does this movement draw or repel you? Why?