Reflective Writing: Self-Disclosure & 2. Discussion/Response: Social Media and Mental Health

TWO seperate assignments.
Instructons for Reflective Writing: Self-DisclosureWhat is your experience with self disclosure?After studying Lessons 4.1 and 4.2, spend time completing the following reflective writing assignment. Use these questions as a jumping off point for your thoughts on disclosing your “self” to others.Choose two of the three to write on:1.Have you ever said too much on a first date? At a job interview? To a professor, family member, or friend? Have you ever posted something on Facebook only to return later to remove it? If you answered yes to any of the questions, describe the experience, then explain what you learned in this chapter that might now lead you to do something different.2. Have you experienced negative results due to self-disclosure? If so, what could have been altered in the decisions of what, where, when, or how to disclose that may have improved the situation.3. Under what circumstances is it OK to share information that someone has disclosed to you? Under what circumstances is it not OK to share the information? Why? Why not?Remember, reflective writing enables you to explore and think deeply about what you are learning. You’ll want to refer back to portions of the text which have influenced you, but you do not simply want to restate what the text (or videos) have said. You are attempting to dig deeper…. to wonder…. and to reflect on what you have realized about self-disclosure. Develop (at minimum) 15 to 20 sentences per prompt.Ultimately, you want to make this assignment your own. Make your exploration substantial. Self-disclosure is in many ways the essence of interpersonal communication. Spend some time with to youtube video:
Instructions for discussion post:While some people have critiqued social media for lessening the importance of face-to-face interaction, some communication scholars have found that online networks provide important opportunities to stay connected, receive emotional support, and broaden our perspectives in ways that traditional offline networks do not.Watch the following video…. post your perspective on the following prompt:Where do you stand? Is social media hurting our face-to-face relationships or is it moving us to be more “social”– to share more or to feel more comfortable disclosing ourselves to others?Give your perspective, but use materials from the text and video to support your claim. Develop a minimum of 15 to 20 sentences for this assignment.Then spend time reviewing and commenting on what your classmates have to say. Review as many of your peers’ responses as you can, but you’re only required to respond to 3 of them. Remember, though, this is your opportunity to practice what you’ve been discovering about self-disclosure in an online environment.