Relationship between policing and community. how can we stop racial profiling for stop and frisk?

This research paper is (8-10 pages). It will be structured as a policy brief analyzing one topic relating to this course and using the reading materials we have discussed in class (the optional reading materials are also available for this project). You should use no less than 6 academic sources (drawing on required or optional materials assigned in class). THE RESEARCH PAPER IS DUE MAY 3 ON BLACKBOARD. All papers should be submitted via Blackboard by the due date. No late assignments accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.In your research paper (30 points total) , remember to identify:1)The topic for your research paper (a narrow topic on an issue in Policing & Community) – Make sure your content is focussed on addresing the research topic you have picked.2) What is your research question? (5 points) – (What is the puzzle you are trying to solve) – Interrogate your research question. Why is the topic you have raised a problem between the police and the community?3) Literature review: (5 points) – What is the literature on the subject you have chosen. How does this literature provide different perspectives and/or highlight controvercies on the subject you have chosen? Are there areas of your research you think have not been sufficiently addressed by the literature? Identify and discuss them.3) What is your methodology? (10 points) – (Primary sources, secondary sources, interviews, focus groups, archival resources).Briefly discuss how you gathered your date. Is yuor study qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods? What challenges did you face in data collection? What themes developed in the course of studying the topic you picked for research? How did you protect the privacy of subject data and identity. Did you have any ethical dillemas in your research? How did you cater for informed consent?4) Findings and conclusions: (10 points) – What are your findings on the topic? What do your findings tell us about the issue of policing and communities? What new frontiers for research are available on your topic of study?4) Use at least FIVE primary research sources (that are NOT) in our readings. Pick readings and research materials that support, critique and help you analyze the topic that you are researching.