renewable renewable energy in San Antonio

Your Final Essay will• Be between 2,500 and 3,500 words (not including a title rage(APA), appendices, or works cited page)• Incorporate information from 6 or more credible resources thatdemonstrate a range of positions on your topic. These resourcescan be in print or online, as long as the source of information iscredible. We will discuss in detail how to determine whether asource is credible• Be properly formatting including in-line citations• Include a separate works cited page that lists all sources ofinformation you used for the essay• Include an engaging and informative title• Be revised for structure and organization• Be proofread in its entirety for grammar, spelling, andpunctuation errors
Your Final Essay will explore and argue a supported position on anissue you find interesting. You will write to persuade your readers toagree with your position. In other words, you will find a topic,research it to learn what is controversial about it, learn what otherpeople are saying about it, and (based on your research) create athesis that you will then attempt to support your argument with clearevidence and analysi