Research and literature review of artists

This is the second chapter of my thesis paper, a research and literature review on different artists(Sophie Calle, Frida Kahlo, and April Greiman). My thesis is to define and redefine multiple spaces and boundaries regarding my personal experience and expression of the time and spaces I lived in, from the covid19 period to the present time. And I need to research the works of these artists, which is related to my topic. The end result of my thesis will also include design projects, etc. The spaces I will be working on with my design are open space(physical, landscape, nature), inner/personal space(mind, abstract, space with family), and imaginary space(arts and design). So in this chapter, I want to deeply analyze these artists’ work relating to their art forms, subjects, techniques, and how they are inspiring and helpful to my future design. I wrote a few pages about Sophie and Frida a while ago before I came up with my topic now, so it could just reference what I wrote about it before. A rewrite is needed.(I think the explanation and introduction about their works are enough, and the professor asked me to write more about my thoughts and analysis on their work and the relationship between their work and mine.)723901an hour agoIf you are familiar with art and design or likes arts, that’s the BEST!!! And this is only one chapter, if everything goes well, I’ll need you to help me finish the whole thesis paper, editing, and everything. But the most important thing is our conversation because I have to explain my design projects to you. Only that you understand me, we can create a logical and coherent work.