The below paragprah explains what is expected. All information must be Australian based preffered to also be the state NSW based. must be citation, diagrams, photogrpahs etc..
Those using reference to research and/or manufacturers’ literature and recommendationsYou will start by undertaking a broad investigation into new or revised services systems that are underinvestigation or newly introduced into building and construction. If we look at (say) electrical services asan example, it might be that you would be interested in alternative ways to provide base-load power to aproject. We presently rely on coal fire power in NSW which is distributed from source of generation in TheHunter Valley, via high voltage cabling and transformed to lower voltage for our buildings and facilities. Youmay be inclined to look at the alternatives such as the various generating systems that are property orestate based. Cogeneration and trigeneration plants come to mind and it would be appropriate for aPage 3 of 4study on the offerings available at present and the future technologies that are being investigated andtrialled. It would be expected that the specifics of the system would be detailed (including the manufacturer);how it would be located (or co-located) on site (including the physical area in m2 of the location); how longthe lead-time for manufacture and delivery and any particular idiosyncrasies regarding delivery andplacement (such as specialist craning etc). Your photographic and diagrammatic references would comefrom the literature or the manufacturer including appropriate referencing. Commentary would hopefullyinclude recommendations as to the benefits of the system and this would include immediate and the longerterm (life-cycle) benefits.