Research Journal

REVISION. Please place your bids. The question I had for the topic was “What is the relationship between academic achievement and life / career success?”. __________________ INITIAL INSTRUCTIONS Write a clearly stated research question. Check for clarity and focus of the problem. To determine if your problem is viable, think about the following: Is the problem encapsulated in a single question? Is it clear that this problem can be approached through social science research (instead of theoretical or speculative reasoning or natural science methodology)? Do you have a bias as you study this problem? This is important to consider because you will need to continually examine your questions and methods for bias throughout the semester. If you were going to study this problem for real, could it be accomplished with reasonable expenditure of time and money? Does it have potential for providing important information? Good research problems are usually more complex than yes/no questions. Is it focused enough that you could design a research proposal that would address your question and provide answers? Write your research question as the heading of your research journal. Explain why the question is viable and important. Identify and briefly summarize at least two previous academic research studies that examined this topic.