Research paper on the Intelligence failure of september 11 (How and why it happened)

Instruction:Your paper will select a historical or contemporary intelligence failure or covert operation and address the question: what causal processes or factors contributed to a particular failure, or what processes and factors shaped an actor’s strategy undertaking a particular covert operation? In other words, how did actors contribute to an intelligence failure or undertake a covert operation? Your paper will be expected to have a clear introduction outlining its research question, thesis statement, an outline of the paper (1 page). It should briefly summarize the case under investigation and what other scholars have said about it (1-2 pages), develop and rationalize a theoretical approach (2-3 pages), trace how this theory applies to the case (3 pages) and conclude with a summary of the paper’s argument, contributions, and implications (1 page). Your paper will be evaluated based on its content, clarity/cohesion, and citations.
For references, instead of the citations on the paper proposal, please utilize the articles from the below website:
It would also be great if you could implement some key terms within the “