– Research paper based on Chapter 8 – The Economy & Intimate Partner Violence (.pdf is attched in files upload). It must be a sociologicalpaper on some topic of family violence.
– Research paper must include reference to at least 3 PEER-REVIEWED ACADEMIC SOURCES (feel free to look for outside sources but pls make sure they are appropriate and meet the standards of academic peer-reviewed)
– 1 reference to our course readings (.pdf is attached in the files upload)
– It should be four to six pages long (1000-1500 words), formatted with double spacing, 1” margins, a standard font such as Times New Roman, and set at 12-point font.
_________________________________________________________________________Paper Grading Guidelines (RUBRIC):
APA or ASA Format, Essay Structure & GrammarDid the student follow APA or ASA guidelines? How well is the paper written and structured? Are there several or only a few grammarmistakes?
SourcesDid the student use THREE scholarly articles or books in addition to citing at least two of the texts that we utilized in class? Is a works citedpage included? Is all information properly credited? Are the sources peer reviewed?
BodyDid the paper go into depth on the subject that they chose? Does the student have evidence to back up their assertions? Does the information provided support the thesis?
Thesis & ConclusionHow effective is the thesis in articulating the central focus of the paper? Is the thesis original or does it merely re-write the question posed in the assignment? How effective is the conclusion in summarizing the major points made in the paper?