Response to Douglas

Also, the discussion post describes the nature and discovery of the problem of re-entry. Additionally, the study examines and explains the importance of the significant components for re-entry programs and their implementation. Furthermore, the report provides a thoughtful analysis of considerations needed to fully understand how to relate public-policy concerns with prison inmate re-entry into the community. Therefore, the following paragraphs will address the critical components of re-entry, the problems associated with re-entry, and public policy related to re-entry. Lastly, the discussion tread interjects a Christian worldview section about re-entry from a biblical perspective. Major Components One of the critical components of re-entry is the development of programs that facilitate a positive experience for the inmates’ return back into society. In the last decade, 100s of programs have surfaced across the United States for prisoner re-entry, predominantly in the form of halfway houses. According to Cullen

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