Responsibilities of a Paralegal

Assignment 1: Research and the Paralegal
This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:Describe the research responsibilities of a paralegal.Describe the products of legal research.Assignment OverviewThis writing assignment explores details of the research conducted by paralegals.DeliverablesA one to one and a half page paper (written in 12-point font using a word processor such as MS Word) describing a paralegal’s research and the typical products of that research.Activity DetailsPerform the following tasks:Step 1: Review major research responsibilities of a paralegal.Consider the work you expect to perform in your first year as a paralegal, such as:Locating and summarizing relevant case law.Locating and summarizing relevant statutory law.Identifying legal issues in a client’s situation.Checking citations in a document.Reviewing legal memoranda from opposing counsel.
Step 2: Identify at least three products a paralegal could produce based on the responsibilities identified in Step 1.
For example, if the attorney for whom you work asked you to summarize the facts in a court case, what would you produce?Step 3: Describe the responsibilities and the related products.Using a word processor (such as MS Word), then for each product you select:Summarize the type of research it might involve.Describe some of the resources you would use.Describe the major components of the product.For example, if you choose “a case brief” as a research product, what tasks might your research involve, and what would be the major components of the case brief?