Returns management – Supply chain management

Background information (dont write anything about this, its only for your info): We are writing a business project about Royal Canin and their supply chain procedure. Today, they are implementing a new way of working – D2C (shipping products direct to consumer) from their warehouse to Sweden from France. They do not have any return process, and we will provide them with a recommendation, based on theories, qualitative interview etc. If we are satisfied, we will come back to you with more pages. The interview we have performed is 2, qualitative interview with the D2C Manager at Royal Canin. Instructions: We want you to do following: 1. Litteratur review (two articles that you find) about returns management. 2 pages. Please also include conclusion of the two articles. 2. Methodology: 2.1 Research approach (we will use abductive approach) – 0,5 pages 2.2 Reliability and validity (we will use a qualitative interview). 0,5 pages 2.3 Limitations of data (Qualitative interview) – 0,5 pages 2.4 Ethics (qualitative interview) – 0,5 pages Theoretical framework about Returns Management in supply chain. Try to use as much as possible from the attached article – 2 pages