Review Harrison School of Pharmacy’s definition of professionalism for students. Choose one of the tenets of professionalism and describe why it is most important to you.

Review Harrison School of Pharmacy’s definition of professionalism for students. Choose one of the tenets of professionalism and describe why it is most important to you. In addition, describe one tenet of professionalism that you think you would like to work on more. This response should be a short paragraph
Discussion boards are where we can connect with each other around course concepts and our field experiences. I encourage everyone to use the ABC mnemonic below as we work through our weekly discussions so that each of our posts encourages more discussion and reflection!
A: Acknowledge the contributions of the person to whom you are respondingB: Build on the ideas of the original post by adding your own thoughts or analysisC: Contribute to the discussion by asking a follow-up question that deepens understanding of the material and/or by providing a supplemental resourceHere is an example of how to use the ABCs in a discussion:Rohit,Your thoughts about professional stewardship caught my attention this week. I found that I was agreeing with you when you said that it can be hard to find time for continuous learning and it would be great if workplaces could include time for that for each employee!For me, as an eLearning Developer, I subscribe to a couple of eLearning blogs and do my best to block out time in my workweek to review them (I try to review them for 30 minutes every Wednesday morning). When I find one that is particularly interesting, I share it with the rest of the team so that we can talk about ways to apply the concepts to our work.Your post also made me think about an article I recently read from LinkedIn about Continuous Learning: 7 Reasons Why Continuous Learning is Important (Links to an external site.). In the article, the author defines continuous learning, discusses how managers can support continuous learning, and offers suggestions for how we can incorporate continuous learning in our lives. If you have a chance to review the article, which tips or suggestions did you find most interesting or helpful? How can schools and workplaces do a better job of cultivating continuous learning?
Reply directly back to students responses using the ABC method.
Melissa:Hello everyone,My name is Melissa and I just moved to Southern California. I am finishing my degree at CCV in Human Services and will graduate at the end of the semester. I am enrolled for the fall semester at a local college here to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. I really enjoy being in school because I enjoy learning and growing. I am looking forward to this course as I believe it will help foster my skills and help me gain new ones in the professional world.The tenet of professionalism from the Harrison School of Pharmacy that is important to me is Respect for Others. Specifically, “Acknowledging and respecting that colleagues and other healthcare professionals may differ in beliefs and values.” I find this to be an important tenet because no matter the position or industry you work in, this tenet is applicable and imperative to a healthy, safe, and thriving work environment. The tenet I would like to work on is Commitment to Excellence. At my internship I desire to communicate my goals and current skills as well as communicate areas I would like to grow in. I believe having this dialogue with my site supervisor will help me grow as an individual and commit to achieving the goals and principles of the organization. I look forward to learning from others at my site. Additionally, within the tenet of Commitment of Excellence, I would like to work on receiving constructive feedback.My internship will take place at West Coast Recovery Centers (WCRC) in Oceanside, CA. WCRC is an outpatient addiction treatment center. One of my main tasks will be to create a resource guide for aftercare. I hope to learn more about treatment modalities and best practices in the world of treatment. My work experience is in entry level case management where I worked helping those who were just released from jail find housing, employment and resources. I have never worked at a treatment center so I look forward to the neew experience and opportunity to gain new insights and skills.
Claire:My name is Claire, I am 24 years old and I am a STEM major at CCV. This is the last course I need to take before graduating with my associate’s degree. I am then transferring to UVM in the fall for a bachelor’s degree in pre-medical neuroscience. I plan to go to medical school after that and become a neurological surgeon.I love to travel, read, paddleboard, hike, and hang out with my dog. He is a two-year-old Alaskan Malamute and he is the sweetest. My favorite summer activity is finding a swimming hole with him to hang out by because we both love the water.
After reviewing Harrison School of Pharmacy’s definition of professionalism, it was difficult to choose just one tenet. I find they are all incredibly important, however, I believe honesty and integrity are very important to me. This is because honesty and integrity come from our morals. We should portray ourselves in a respectful manner that will be pleasant to everyone we encounter in the workplace, not just those who agree with us. I believe this also links to just being respectful to others, whether they are your coworkers or clients.One tenet I would like to work on more is a commitment to excellence. I find I sometimes work myself past my limit or do not recognize my own limit. This can be problematic because I may not do my best work when I am not necessarily capable of performing a task. There is nothing wrong with knowing your own limits and being proud of where you are. I find myself inwardly getting offended when someone gives me constructive criticism, even though I know it is just to help me move forward. This is something I am definitely working to overcome.I am interning with the UVM neuroscience department in their research center, so I will be assisting in various neurological studies. This will include observing MRI scans of volunteers for the studies, being trained on lab technology, and analyzing the data we collect. We are conducting studies on certain hormones and how some relate to Alzheimer’s. This is wonderful because it is the field I am going into and I will be able to gain first-hand experience in it before beginning my degree program at UVM. I am just hoping to gain as much knowledge as possible from this experience about the research side of neuroscience.
Makayla:My name is Makayla Lapierre, I am 24 years old and live in the Derby VT area. The program I am studying is an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. By the end of summer after this field experience course I will have my childcare certificate and by the end of fall 2022 I will have obtained my associates degree. I am very excited to strengthen many skills for my career as well as the process of starting my career through strengthening communication skills, interviews, and how to be professional.I have chosen to volunteer at Windy Willow Daycare for my internship. Everything is inplace with my supervisor and we have started to complete my learning contract. My supervisor is a registered daycare and can have up to 10 kids in her daycare. She works on many different life skills with the children as well as offers many different activities. I am very excited to begin my internship at this daycare because I will gain knowledge about the legal parts of running a daycare as well as providing for many little ones. I have always told myself I wanted a daycare in my future so I am hoping this internship will broaden my perspective and further inform me of the many different things that need to be done when starting a daycare. I am also very excited to practice my interaction and communication skills with adults as well as children. I have some great knowledge already obtained from previous courses pertaining to early childhood education and development, so I am very excited to offer and use my knowledge during my time interning.While reading the Harrison School of Pharmacy Tenets of Professionalism, the definitions offered were very important tenets to have when working in the professional field. If I had to pick just one that speaks to me the most it would have to be Honesty and Integrity. Honesty goes a long way in the work space and it allows one to fully trust and gain respect for their employees. Also following ethical standards is what makes up the work area, without it, it could cause biased choices resulting in choices being made based off from their personal opinion rather than what’s morally and ethically correct under the standards provided. A tenet I would like to work on would be commitment to excellence. I hope to strengthen my views as a worker, meaning seeing myself reach and acknowledge my potential as a hard worker. I also would like to practice my reactions to criticism and to realize it is not always a bad thing.