Review of Multicultural article with critique

1. Research and choose one article about a topic in multicultural education, a specific culture, subculture or population group (the article cannot be more than 5 years old) that you can connect to the concepts presented in this course. The article should come from a peer reviewed journal. The article should be a minimum of five pages long (meaning five singled spaced 8.5 x 11, size 12 font pages). The article does not need to be about education specifically, but you should make the connections in your paper between the information provided in each article and issues related to multicultural education.2. Write a 5 – 7 doubled spaced page review narrative about the article. You must meet the minimum full page requirement to receive any credit for the assignment.Organize the review narrative using the section headings below:a. Introduction of topic – discuss the topic as it relates to terms, information, etc. learned in the course. Explain why this is a valuable topic in the area of multicultural education.b. Summarize and discuss the article using class concepts and information. Use information and terminology in your textbook to demonstrate this throughout your paper. Please cite using paraphrased material from the journal article (*use APA 6th edition style manual) and textbook throughout your paper but DO NOT use direct quotes. You must have a minimum of four citations (2 from the journal article and 2 from the textbook) in your summary. The goal of this part of the review is to make a connection between information from the text and the journal article, thus this is an application of what you should have learned.c. Write a thorough conclusion that discusses how you would use this information (i.e. a connection of the journal topic/information and the textbook) in your classroom. Be specific! Use concrete examples. Show, don’t tell!! See examples below. Also, explain how will this information or idea help you in better understanding another culture and/or to teach in a more equitable way? Again, be specific and detailed.
d. Provide a reference page (note that this reference page is not counted towards the 5 – 7 page requirement) citing the article and your textbook using APA 6th edition style. Be sure that your name appears as a header (with page number) on each page.