review slides and you tube video’s. follow directions on homework sheet.

Mod 4 Homework- see attached files, review the below and then complete the attached homework sheet.Attached Files:How local community knowledge about malaria affects bed net use in northern Ghana.pdf (113.197 KB)Malaria in rural Burkina Faso.pdf (274.593 KB)Social and Cultural Aspects of Malaria in Cote d’lvoire.pdf (875.38 KB)Module 4 HW.docx (113.752 KB)In module 4, we explore how culture and environment influence health and health behaviors. For this assignment, we ask you to watch a video that examines the challenges to malaria prevention and read the attached articles. You will be asked to reflect on different aspects of culture and environment in relation to malaria.Module 4 Rubric.docxEach week, you will be asked to complete a homework worksheet. Weekly HW relate to key concepts and ideas introduced in the module lectures and readings. The HW are a way to demonstrate your understanding/comprehension of the major concepts. Most of the HWs will ask that you include data or work with data tables. Global health is a scientific field that uses data to help form policy, keep an eye on health issues in communities and worldwide and allow us to evaluate effectiveness of health systems and interventions.