rhetorical analysis:Michelle Obama DNC 2016 speech

Below is a video of the 2016 Democratic National Convention speech given by Michelle Obama. Please watch the speech and answer the rhetorical analysis questions provided below. Each question should be answered in at least 3 complete sentences but keep in mind that more thorough critiques will require longer responses.1.What are some strengths of the speech? What did you like?
2.Who is the target audience? Who is she speaking to and how can you tell?
3.What role do visuals play in the speech? Think of the way the speaker looks, background, colors, etc.4.What did you not like about the speech/weaknesses?
5.What are some overall themesā€¦things that keep coming up throughout?
You may submit your answers as an attached file or text entry. Please make sure to number responses so that the are easy to follow

Here is the link for video