Ruling Ancient Egypt

There is an attached file of the instructions labeled (SA Final Project). You’ll find all instructions there. Create a 750+ word written text (with images as well) that describes your keys to successful Pharaonic rule. In doing so, make sure to include strategies from all 4 disciplinary perspectives. I have included 4 files discussing each of these 4 disciplinary perspectives. Here are the labels (Disciplinary Perspectives – Natural Scientist (CLAS 150C1).pdf , Gen-Ed Social Scientist (CLAS 150C1).pdf , Gen-Ed Humanist (CLAS 150C1).pdf , Gen-Ed Artist (CLAS 150C1).pdf). I have worked on a smaller version of this assignment labeled (Disciplinary Prespective #1.docx) read that as it is a great starting point. This is an essay but in a powerpoint format, you can attach it to me in a pdf format. The template along with pictures that you need to use are labeled (Signature Assignment Template – CLAS 150C1.pptx). All the other 7 files at the bottom ao the attachments are readings that you need to get some evidence from.