Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to determine possible decision-making outcomes based on the economic and financial options provided. The goal is to measure how you optimize implicit and explicit information to maximize profits while conveying personal empathy and a sense of faith in each outcome.Parameters: Each week, you will work with your group to focus on sustainability to save the bats and the power plant by completing a series of questions in 4 parts. Review the Save the Bats Game Information document and each of the different instructions documents for each part of the game. Work with your team to answer each question in a 150-200 word explanation. Only one member of your group will submit the Word document to the assignment link for each part. You may provide references from the course material; however, references are not required. Any sources that you cite must be referenced in current APA format. Your Instructor will post the winner of each round via the class-wide Discussion Board Forum entitled “Save the Bats Winners”.Prompt: For Part 1, your Instructor will place you in groups of 3 using the Save the Bats Groups feature in Blackboard. You will then meet with your group members to review the case study and game instructions. Once you are familiar with how the game works, assign one of the provided roles to each group member (specific roles are located in the Save the Bats Game Information document). You must write each group member’s name and role on a Microsoft Word document and submit it to your Instructor in the assignment submission link below (remember: only one group member will submit this document).