Second Wave Civilizations and Pompeii

Write an analytical essay of 700-900 words addressing: How these images and artifacts on pages 215-223, shed light on the gender and class dynamics of this second wave Roman City . Must be completed in MS Word, double spaced, and sources cited in Chicago Style


Research and discuss the current fiscal year budget.



Group Presentation and Evaluation – Wintringham Specialist Aged Care


List of Websites

HUMINT Legal Issues, Values and Ethics

Select a film that is in the target language, English subtitles are OK. The film you watch should be about culture, daily life, history, famous people, important events, festivals, traditions, social issues, art, literature, or an award winning film from a country where the target language is spoken.

Module 5 Theme Analysis

How your brain works and how the past year or personal life challenges may effect how you think and act.