Shelby Vs. Holder Critique

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What did the Shelby versus Holder decision undo?How is Shelby versus Holder an example of adaptation and emulation?How did Shelby distance voting from the 14th amendment?In her descent of Shelby, what was Justice Ginsberg saying about the changes to the Voting Rights Act?What was Justice Sotomayor saying in her dissent of Husted vs. The Rudolph Institute?What was Justice Alito saying in the Texas case that allowed gerrymandering to dilute Latinx and African American voting?Assuming good faith by state legislatures, how is that similar to how McKlesky vs. Kemp saw states district attorney and prosecutors (go back to Alexander chapter 3)?What is meant by the phrase “The suspicion of (discriminatory practice) is now gone, as are all the vestiges of (Thurgood) Marshall’s intended vigilance.