Short: Fill an array with numbers, calculate sum, average, and count elements that are below the average

Do this program in OnlineGDB. Copy/paste your final solution here. OnlineGDB will be graded, as well as the code submission here.Write a program that allows the user to populate an array with numbers, then output the sum of the numbers, the average of the numbers, and the count of numbers that are below the average.Carefully study the flowchart and program outline (in the form of program comments) have been provided.Notice the flowchart generalizes the problem, whereas the outline is more specific to a solution. Flowcharting is a tool used to analyze a problem and do not necessarily have to match up exactly with the program solution.The outline specifies variable names to be used in your program.
Program outline in the form of comments// define a constant integer named NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS to specify the size of the array. Initialize it to 5.//create an array of doubles named NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS of the specified size//create an accumulator named sumOfElements of type double to hold the sum//Using a for-loop, fill the array with numbers. Prompt the user to input numbers one-at-a-time from the keyboard.//Sum the numbers as they are input into the array// After the array is filled, output the sum and the average//print sum//calculate and print the average//Using a for-loop, read the elements in the array and determine how many numbers in the array are less than the average.// create an accumulator variable. Call this variable countBelowAverage as an integer type and initialize it to 0.//loop through the array//check if the current array element is less than the average// if true, increment the accumulator//print the number of elements below the average