Should all high school graduates attend college?

Students are required to submit a 3-5-page essay related to one of the big questions proposed in class or in Blackboard. Students are strongly encouraged to choose a big question related to the topic they choose for their Journal Assignment. These two assignments are linked to help you see the connection between the research on this topic and your perspective on this topic. Here’s an example of a big question: Should all high school graduates attend college? Here’s another example of a big question: If a high school student commits a crime, should he or she be charged as an adult?The purpose of this assignment is to engage students in thinking about big ideas regarding adolescent development and to use resources beyond the textbook to examine these ideas or concerns. Students will be asked to discuss their essay in class. (This is a requirement for students enrolled in the structured remote class that meets in person. The instructor will provide a list of dates for students to present their essay in class).Students will also be asked to conduct research on this big question and to present evidence to support or oppose a particular viewpoint regarding the big question. In other words, students will be required to frame their discussion regarding the big question from either perspective.