Should colleges be allowed to do unannounced dorm room checks?

Should colleges be allowed to do unannounced dorm room checks?his research essay should put forth a point of view on the topic of your choice. The goal of this essay is to:Summarize what people are currently saying about the topicAdd to that conversation by presenting your own point of viewProvide researched evidence that supports your perspective
This essay has a research component. You must include at least 5 sources of published research.Requirements:4-5 pages using 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt. fontHas a clear intro, body, conclusion, and series of transitionsHas a clear, well-stated thesis statementIncludes at least 5 reputable sourcesFollows the rules of grammarUses correct source citation – in-text and Works Cited pageIncludes the following sections in this order1. Introduction: should be interesting, include some sort of anecdote or creative take on the topic, and should make your audience want to continue reading.
2. Summary of what people are currently saying: use 1-5 of your sources
3. Thesis: should be an arguable statement that puts forward your own point of view; should add to the current conversation4. Topic Sentences: body paragraphs should begin with a clear, arguable statement that presents the subject of that paragraph
5. Researched Evidence: should use researched evidence to support your point of view; should be clearly explained and contextualized, and should be cited correctly
Here are the parts of your essay you need to include:IntroductionSummary of what people are currently saying using 1-2 sourcesThesis statement that responds to what people are sayingTopic sentences and full body paragraphs that connect to thesisResearched evidence in EVERY body paragraphWorks Cited pageYour Topic is “Should colleges be allowed to do unnanounced dorm room checks?”