Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

The following are suggested outlines for your term paper:IntroductionLiterature Review (Review of extant literature on the subject).Research Design (Methods applied to obtain materials for the study)Research FindingsDiscussion of Research FindingsImplications of Study/Research Findings for policy/solving of real life problem.
For a paper to score an A it must meet the following criteria. The paper comprehensively addresses the subject matter. The thesis, arguments and all supporting evidence show a clear understanding of the issues. The paper clearly, effectively and insightfully develops and conveys a point of view. Its organization and focus is also very clear, coherent, and ideas smoothly progress from one to the other, and also demonstrating excellent critical thinking and supported with appropriate examples. There are no major errors in vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, citation, punctuation and paragraphing. It must meet the APA format and present a complete Bibliography in a separate page.