Signature AssignmentIn this course, we reviewed th

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Signature AssignmentIn this course, we reviewed the Foundation of Applied Psychology,which included looking at Clinical and Counseling Psychology,Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology,Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, and CareerChoices in Psychology.In your Signature Assignment, you will select one of the followingapplied psychology topics and write an 6-8 page research paper thatincludes at least 6-8 resources from the Touro Library. You may selectone of these topics to research or suggest another topic of yourchoice as long as it relates to applied psychology.Intelligence TestingGroup TestingDrug RehabilitationWork EffectivenessWorker MotivationEmotion TrainingVocational TestingMorale BoostingPerformance Under StressPsychological WarfareEmotional IntelligenceForgivenessConflict ResolutionYour Signature assignment must discuss the following topics:(1) Why is your topic of interest related to the field of appliedpsychology?(2) Identify at least 2 psychology theories that helps explain yourresearch topic(3) How is your topic being measured or evaluated in the field of The post Signature AssignmentIn this course, we reviewed th first appeared on.