Social Problem Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to draw on recent research to clearly identify and describe asocial problem using current statistics regarding the number of people affected and current research on the specific impact of the issue across multiple populations.To complete this assignment, locate national statistics to provide information about how many people experience the problem, as well as the proportion of the population; recent trends in the size of theproblem, including the socioeconomic or demographic trends that are influencing the size of theproblem; the extent to which the problem is experienced by some groups more than others (forexample, women, immigrant populations, Veterans, people with disabilities, children, elders, LGBTQcommunities, residents of geographically unique areas such as rural areas, or some other vulnerablegroup of interest to you) and how much of a difference exists between groups.This paper should be 3-5 pages in length. The paper should have a title page and references, neither of which are included in the final page length, and must include the following:1. A clearly defined social problem;2. The personal cost of the social problem, including documentation. This includes who is affectedby the issue and should include an overall population impact (i.e., the scope of the problem across the U.S., all populations);3. The impact and consequences of the problem as you have defined it;4. How that impact differs across various populations, such as elders, children, or different ethnic,racial, religious, economic, gender, sexual identity, physical ability, veteran, or cultural groups. Identify a distinct population for your focus.