Social Rejection in Social Psychology

Please read these directions carefully before you begin planning your presentation. The grade you earn on your presentation is a reflection of the extent to which you follow these instructions.Create a 10-minute presentation using PowerPoint.Begin your planning by first reviewing what is covered in the book on your topic. You will not be repeating what is in the book. You will do some research and expand on what is covered in the book. (In some cases, a topic may not be mentioned in the textbook.)Add voice-over/audio (but NOT video) to your presentation. If you don’t know how to do this (yet) there are many very good video tutorials online that provide step-by-step directions that are specific to the software and computer you are using.In your audio, do not read directly from your sources – use your own words. Even when using your own words, you must identify where your information came from (e.g., “Rathus indicates that PTSD…”). If you quote one of your sources, indicate that it is a quote. Remember: These sources must also appear in your reference list.In your voice-over, do NOT read your slides to us. Talk about the information on your slides, using relevant examples to illustrate.Voice-over is not absolutely mandatory, but I encourage/expect you to learn how to do this; it will certainly enhance your presentation (and you can earn extra credit toward your grade). If you do not add voice over, you will need to provide more information in writing on your slides. For example, a bullet list of items is sufficient if you are going to explain each item in your audio. Without audio, you will have to provide the explanation in writing.In your introduction, specifically identify your topic, tell us what you plan to cover and establish a clear connection between your topic and our study of social psychology.Be well organized.Teach us something we don’t know! Your presentation should go well beyond what we have read in the textbook or learned in class so far. Build on what is covered in the textbook; do not simply repeat what is in the book. Where relevant, link your topic to what has been covered in previous weeks.Use real-world, relevant (current) examples to illustrate the concepts you are presenting.You may use a relevant, but very brief, video clip if you wish, but this should be just a verysmall part of your presentation.Cite your sources on all slides, and provide a reference list on your last slide. Use APA[American Psychological Association] format. The best source for help with this is the APA Formatting and Style Guide: excellent video (Links to an external site.) that explains how to use APA in PowerPoint is posted on Canvas (Taylor, 2017). I strongly recommend that you watch this before creating your PowerPoint presentation.Use quotes sparingly – no more than two. Make sure they are relevant to the slide; keep them brief; and cite and reference them accurately.At least one of your sources of information must be an article from a peer-reviewed social psychology journal. Use Hartness Library to access journals and to get any assistance you need in locating information.The link to Hartness Library is in your course navigation menu on the left hand side of the Home Page for this class.Do not copy and paste material from your sources. When organizing your presentation, use your own words (except for terminology related to your topic).Write well, and proofread for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Click on CCV Academic Support for help with writing. Even the smallest writing errors can affect the clarity and quality of your presentation.Create attractive slides that are not overcrowded with information. It is better to use more slides with less information on each than to use fewer slides that are packed with words.Do not plagiarize. Cite your sources on every slide AND provide a proper reference list on your last slide.You will submit two versions of your presentation:When you have finished putting your presentation together, please email your PowerPoint file (.pptx) to meSend this file to me by noon on the Sunday it is due.You must also submit a PDF version of your presentation. The link (“Submit a PDF version of your presentation”) is in the Syllabus & Course Information module on Canvas.Turn your presentation in on time; your presentation is scheduled to appear in the week it is most relevant to the topic of the week.25% of your final grade