Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Cyber Security

This is a group project and I need only the 2nd major point written and the references.
II. 2nd Major Point – We Are Facing ATechnology PandemicA. Supporting detail1.With the world relying on so much technology what are thevulnerabilities?2.Were we ready to handle the vulnerabilities – did we have a plan?3.How do we mitigate the risk and safeguard the infrastructure?B. Supporting detail1.The rise in cyber crimes – in this area I will list crimes &sources.2.There is the ability to hack into medical equipment using wifi.C.Supporting detail1. We will discusshow hackers are using the pandemic as an opportunity to commit crimes amongstthe chaos.2. Who are theleading threat actors at this time?3. Why has thistrend been so prolific?