Specify what source you are using when you introduce the source. (only the first time you use the source.

Early Chicano History B30AVictors and Vanquished Essay Assignment100 pointsAssignmentWrite a history of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Explain the events before, during, and after the siege of Tenochtitlan.You will write a 3-4-page paper response on Victors and Vanquished.This assignment will require you to incorporate readings, lectures, and class discussions on the history of the conquest. You must also cite at least 3 chapters from Victors and Vanquished. These sources can be lectures, articles, primary sources, etc. You must cite at least 4 primary sources from the book.This assignment should incorporate the following:• The use of primary sources from the book. (at least 4 sources from at least 3 chapters)• When using primary sources be sure to explain the bias of sources and compare and contrast with others.• You should also use what you have learned in class lectures and other readings (posted on Canvas).• You must introduce the quotes that you use in your papers. Ex. Bernal Diaz said,…, According to the Florentine Codex.• Specify what source you are using when you introduce the source. (only the first time you use the source.This assignment will be submitted through Turnitin.com in the Canvas portal. Refer to the syllabus for Late Assignment information.Essay QuestionHow did the Spanish encounter and deal with native groups in Mesoamerica and how did they eventually take control of Central Mexico by defeating the Aztecs? Discuss the different factors that lead to their victory.Rubric: This assignment must haveo 1-inch Marginso 12 pt. Times New Roman font.o Name and Dateo Page Numberso To cite, use “quotation marks” or paraphrase in your own words.o To cite your book: (Author’s last name, page #) ex: (Diaz, 36).Essay Checklist: Refer to the essay checklist on Canvas for the grading rubric.