Statistical Report

IDENTIFY1. Find the area of interest to investigate in a chosen topic (or choose from one of the suggestedtopics). Justify your choice and clearly explain what you will investigate and why (the purpose ofthe investigation and the reason you have an interest in it).2. Determine what type of data is required for the investigation and how the data is going to besourced and from where.3. Find data displays, graphs, tables, etc from various sources that are relevant to the investigation.4. Write investigative questions for your own statistical investigation and design a method of collectionof data.5. Display and sort collected data in an appropriate format.
In this section you must demonstrate you understand what you need to investigate, how you will sourceyour information and how you will find reliable sources and identify the appropriate questions for yoursurvey. You also have to justify the choice of the display format and the ways the data is sorted for a betteranalysis.
1. Find the correct measures to be used to make sense of the data. Justify your choice.2. Explore the information behind the data displays and use it to analyse/explore the area of interest.3. Interpret and use the data displays to draw conclusions.4. Compare results of your own investigation versus other sources of data using graphs and/orappropriate statistical measures.5. List three concerns arising from the steps above and how those were addressed.
In this section you must explain what the results mean using critical thinking and analytical skills. You mustcompare your own investigation to the sourced data and discuss the errors and the validity of theexperiment. You should also discuss if the data allows you to draw strong conclusions or is inconclusive.Explain how you can improve the investigation
1. Make at least three sensible statements about the information and be able to back up yourstatements with appropriate displays.2. Discuss features of the data collated and justify conclusions based on the data.3. Comment on statistical processes e.g. bias and limitations.
In this section you must summarise the investigation and your findings. State again the purpose of theinvestigation, what was achieved, how it was conducted, the results and the conclusion. This should beyour own conclusion and should not be more than 6-8 sentences. There should be no citations in theconclusion section.



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