Summary and Paraphrasing- Stephen King’s On Writing

Description:For this assignment, you must construct an essay using Stephen King’s On Writing. You will recall many conversations that we’ve had in class that were based off of recurring tropes King rhetorically employs with in our text.Here are a few of them:•Nature vs. Civilization•“Truth”•Storytelling•Sacrifice•Art•Boundaries•Teaching and Learning•Acting•Identity•Rules and Rule-Breaking•Family Ties•Destruction
Your task is to compose a summary and response essay in which you select one trope and articulate how King utilizesit to create a specific argument.
Introduction:Your introduction will consist of two elements:1) A summary of the text –an introduction that carefully provides an accurate summary of the main ideas, claims, and overall argument the text makes in consideration of your trope, and2) A critical response – a thesis that offers an original interpretation of the author’s use of your specified trope.
Supporting Body Paragraphs: After establishing your thesis, it is your job to continue to support how King represents the trope throughout the text in a series of body paragraphs; to do this, you will analyze a specific detail (a quote,an image) in each body paragraph in order to support your thesis. Remember, each of your body paragraphs will becomposed of a strongtopic sentence, a concise summary which highlights clear evidence of your trope in action, and. analysis. Finally, you will finish your paper with a conclusion that provides a summary of your main points.
Purpose: In this essay, you must demonstrate the ability to accurately summarize the source text and develop an argument directly in response to the author’s argument. In other words, this essay depends heavily on your ability to vividly re-articulate—to summarize—your evidence in order to support your response.
Please consider the following submissionguidelines:-Minimum of 1200 words-MLA format, including a work cited page-Integration of at least one outside voice (or secondary source)-Essay must be submitted through CourseDen as a PDF or .docx file