Summary of Research Problem

ResearchOpioid Crisis in AmericaCreate headers and subheaders titles in your Paper. Use template provided in Syllabus area. The more you do now, the better. You will add to this as this will eventually become your Research Paper due in Week 4.Research Topic: Choose one of the three proposed research topics from this week (discussion board posting #3).Opioid Crisis in America
Three disciplines areMedicalLegalEducation
What is the problem? The problem links to your topic issue.
What is your purpose? The purpose of this research paper is…
Where will you find your sources?
Why is it an interdisciplinary problem? AND what will EACH discipline contribute to the solution?
You must state the three different disciplines you will be using (at a minimum) and include at least one primary source from the discipline.MedicalLegalEducationReference guideA newspaper article that quotes three experts is not acceptable: you must use the peer-reviewed literature of the discipline in question, from the NU library.For example, if medicine is your discipline, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine would be an acceptable source. A New York Times article that quoted a doctor would not