” Supermarket Pastoral” and ” What can Semiotics Contribute to packaging design?”

InstructionsRead ” Supermarket Pastoral” on pages 96-100 and ” What can Semiotics Contribute to a package Design?”On pages 111-116 in the Signs of life text. After you have read these essays, you will need to respond to thequestions below.1. What is meant by the term ” supermarket personal”? How does this affect a consumer’s behavior?2. What is the purpose of semiotics in packaging design? what are some common uses of semiotics onproduct packaging?3. Both essays examined various design strategies manufacturers use on product packaging to appeal to aconsumer. Tell me 3 design strategies manufactures use on product packaging, why they use each strategy,and why the strategy is effective in drawing consumers to the product.To earn full-credit on this assignment, your response to the questions above should be detailed, reflect on theinformation you gathered from the reading, and show me you completed and understood the reading, andshow me you completed and understood the reading. I highly recommend providing evidence, support, and examplesfrom the readings within your reading response.