supply chain management

Supply chain network design decisions include the assignment of facility role; location of facility, or transportationrelated facilities; and the allocation of capacity and markets to each facility. State and critically discuss any five(5) factors that influence network design decisions in supply chains. 2. As the vice president of a supply chain, you have been tasked to design the transportation network. It is expected that customers will typically order products in small lots. The selected design must provide lower transportation costs and lower inventories. a.Recommend the most appropriate transportation network design under the circumstances. b.Describe the design with the aid of a diagram. c.Justify the transportation network design recommended. d.What problems do you envisage with your recommended design solution? e.How can technology be used to tackle the problem(s) envisaged in question “d” and improve transportation performance? 3.Automobile Company Limited specializes in the manufacturing of on-road and off-road vehicles that meets the challenging nature of the African terrain.You have just been employed by the company and your first task is to design the distribution network to its end consumers. .a.Explain the key considerations that will influence your design choice. b.Recommend any two (2)appropriate distribution network designsindicating the reasons for your choice of design. c.Under what circumstances will you choose either of the options over the other? d.How can the internet/online channel be integrated into the recommended distribution design to improve performance?

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