SWOT Analysis on Centralizing Visitation in the CT Department of Correction

Submit Final Paper/Presentation: SWOT AnalysisDue Date(s) and Time(s) for Completion/Submission: Thursday, May 12th by MidnightFinal Project Rubric: SWOT ANALYSIS (30% of Overall Grade)For your final project, tap into your creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial self, then consider your personal innovative abilities, next, consider your communication style, and come with an entrepreneurial approach to choose what method best fits your academic strengths.Option 1: The Paper Option6-8 Pages: SWOT ANALYSISIn this paper, you will follow APA guidelines and cite 3 peer-reviewed resources, in addition to our reading materials. In week 1, you communicated that you felt confident in a few of the 6 Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, it’s time to lean on those and put them into action. Did you think a course with this title would have it any other way? I am given you the option of format and approach, see below and chose your journey!The goal of this project is to successfully craft a pitch, grounded in theory, using the SWOT Analysis Model to approach a creative/innovative product or process design (Or existing product/process) that you have identified within your organization. I am more focused on the approach, given thought, and problem that your innovation solves for, rather than the implementation. If you feel that you have a better example for a SWOT Analysis with the approach of an Entrepreneur, go for it! I welcome SWOT Shark Tank Approaches!Headers/Titles Required in Paper:Introduction:Describe the if the innovation is a product or process and what type of Innovation (Operational, Management, Product and Service/Strategic – Week 4 Article)Problem Statement:What problem does your innovation solve for? Why is it a problem? Who’s problem is it? Why has it become a problem?SWOTStrengths:· What are the advantages of the new product or service?· What are the product advantages over similar competitors in market?· What strength points do people see in the product or service?· What are the product’s unique selling factors?Weaknesses:· What weakness could be improved in the design?· What issues should be avoided?· What are the factors that reduce your sales?· Does the production process have limited resources?Opportunities:· What are the opportunities for the new product?· What are the trends to take advantage of?· How can we turn strengths into opportunities?· Are there any changes in the market or government which can lead to opportunities?Threats:· Who are the existing or potential competitors?· What are the factors that can put business into risk?· What issues can threaten the product on the market?· Will there be any shifts in consumer behavior, government or market that can affect the product success?Final Thoughts/Reflections:Reflect on your Leadership journey through Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, and from these past 8 weeks. Remember, leadership requires leaders to push the creative boundaries of organizations, unleash innovation collaboration cultures, and assume risk, or face demise. Feel free to give your personal insights on key takeaways, “aha” moments, and reflections.References:All works cited for paper.