For this assignment, you will write up a Search Warrant using the attached template and submit.You have been dispatched to a burglary call. Two witnesses stated they observed three white males come out of a house (311 2nd Avenue) with a television, Wii game system. and two laptop computers. The witnesses further stated they saw the males run up the street to (a blue frame house, 5 houses north on the same side of the road) and enter with the items. The witnesses pointed out the house where the suspects ran into. The males were seen coming out of a house where the front door had been kicked in. The inside of the house was visible from the street and it looked as though the house had been ransacked and items were strewn about the room.The first Officer on-scene has secured the burglarized house. The homeowners arrive and confirm that items were taken without their permission. An officer is standing outside the house where the suspects are hiding, waiting for a search warrant.Make notes of your investigation from arrival on the scene to serving the warrant.Write a Search Warrant using the attached “Affidavit for a Search Warrant” template. (Below is a short form of a search warrant but it contains the information you need.)Using the scenario, include:Items that may be searched and seizedStandard for probable causeContents of an affidavitIdentity of an InformerObtaining additional evidenceContents of a search warrantExecution of a search warrant