The Dynamic Cell

The Dynamic CellEukaryotic cells are more structurally advanced than prokaryotic cells. For this assignment, describe the difference between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell, then outline the structure and function of the following eukaryotic organelles listed below.NucleusMitochondriaRibosomesGolgi ApparatusLysosomeEndoplasmic ReticulumVacuolePlease reference your textbook for information. Course textbooks can be found on the Syllabus and Textbooks page of this course via the top navigation bar.Submission Details:Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.Textbook Information: Phelan, J. (2021). What is life? A guide to biology with physiology (5th ed.). W.H. Freeman. ISBN: 9781319272531


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Write down the most likely characteristics of a) an only child, b) a firstborn child, c) a middle-born child, and d) the youngest child.

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Discuss the political, economic, and social reasons why Westward Expansion occurred. Analyze evidence from migrant groups, government incentives, and the overall effect on population groups living in North America whose lifestyle shifted as a result.

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