The Effect of Intercultural Education on the Ethnocentrism Levels of Prospective Teachers

IntroductionAccording to our textbook, globalization is the increasing economic, political and cultural integration of diverse cultures. Diversity is the recognition and valuing of difference in factors such as race, education, religion and income. Are we able to adapt to cultural differences on our own? Would education aimed specifically at cultural awareness make us more tolerant of others? The study in the article below explores the concepts of intercultural education and ethnocentrism.The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore your own feelings about these sensitive issues.
For this assignment read the following article from the database titled, “The Effetct Intercultural Education on the Ethnocentrism Levels of Prospective Teachers” written by Selma Aslantas and published in March 2019.
Write a 500-600 word reaction essay in APA paragraph format (12 font, double spacing and indented paragraphs) that answers the following questions:How does the author define intercultural education?How does she define ethnocentrism?What was the purpose of this study?What were the results of the study?Have you had any type of diversity training or intercultural education prior to this course? Explain briefly.If you have not had any training, describe what could be gained from it.
To Complete the Assignment:You do not need to include a title page for this short essay.You can center a title at the top of the first essay page and center the word count under the title.Submit two files: One for the essay and one for the Reference list.The Essay
You need to add one scholarly source to your essay.The outside source can be a book, ebook, journal article or streaming video.
The Reference PageAdd an APA Reference list that includes the book and the outside article.The reference list does not count in the word count.