the extent to which one character typifies the characteristics of Hyde’s trickster, and why it is important (or significant) to the audience or text as a whole

Because these are relatively short essays, you should focus on creating a tightly focused thesis and then spend the bulk of your time (or page space) developing and defending that thesis with textual evidence. Remember to:· include a Works Cited page· use a heading that includes your name, the course, assignment, and date; a title that appropriately reflects the content of your essay (the assignment prompt or title of the text you’re using isn’t sufficient)· double space your essay and include word count at the end (excluding what is in the Works Cited)· submission to is automatic once you submit your work to the “Assignments” tab.uploaded is a sample essay.Name: Joseph L. JohnsonCourse: LIT2110-World Literature 1Assignment: Midterm Essay