the impact of interregional contact

Write a two page paper on the impact of interregional contact discussed in the book. Read Chapters 10-12 5 point total Grading criteria: 1 point for turning in on time 1 point for at least two pages of text in 12 point font and double spaced (writing more is fine) 1 points for accuracy (if completely wrong facts and time period discussed then you can fail the assignment) 1/2 point for spelling and grammar 1/2 point for citing the text book with page numbers or sections 1/2 point for citing a primary source using 1/2 point for writing a coherent thesis, what is the main point you are writing about Every assignment must cite the free textbook from thus all you need to do is state the page number after the sentence you reference information. For example, the sentence ends with a period then (p.85) Never use Wikipedia, Britannica or Khan Academy (you will fail that assignment if you use those cites).