The Indigenous peoples (Anthropology)

Select one of the indigenous examples (either the San of Namibia or the People of Highland New Guinea) and demonstrate the following:
1. How was this group (San or Highland New Guinea) affected by the changes imposed on them?
2. Both of these situations occured before the United Nations “Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” was declared. Specifically, which of the Articles in this Declaration would apply to the situation you are examining? What do you think should have been done differently by the Namibian government (in the example of the San) or the Leahy Brothers (in the example of Highland New Guinea). Be as specific as possible.
Essay should be 4-5 pages, Times New Roman font, 10-11 point, double spaced, one inch margins. Submit as a Word Document only- do not use Google Docs (I cannot open them).
No citations needed