the invention of nature by Andrea Wulf

Topic 2: Another important theme of Wulf’s biography is the tremendous impact Humboldt’s ideas had on others active in science, politics, literature, and the emerging environmental movement. How did Humboldt’s notion of nature factor into such diverse areas of human (and natural) interest? There are many examples which Wulf addresses in detail that can help you formulate and develop your argument: for politics, the revolutionary Simón Bolivár; for science, Charles Darwin and Ernst Haeckel; for literature, Henry D. Thoreau; for environmentalism, George Perkins Marsh and John Muir. If you choose to make this topic the focus of your paper, be sure to show how Wulf characterizes the specific influences Humboldt had on them.Your paper must be typed, double spaced, and in standard essay format. The grade for the final draft will be based on the clarity of your argument, your use of specific references from different parts of the text, and how well your work demonstrates an understanding of Wulf’s examination of Humboldt’s life, work, and significance. When offering citations and direct references, no footnotes, endnotes, or works cited page is necessary: Simply put the relevant page numbers in parentheses, i.e. (89). Finally, you should be careful about matters of spelling, grammar, and style, and I would strongly recommend proofreading your essay carefully.