the massacres of black populations in various states

The murder of Emmett Till, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, AL and massacre of the population of the black population in Rosewood, FL, Elaine, AR, and the Greenwood District in Tulsa, OK, and can serve as examples of not only vigilante justice but of delayed and denied justice. Thoroughly examine these incidents and the ways in which they were handled by our justice systems. In your examination be sure to consider the racial injustices that African Americans were routinely subjected to at that time. In a research paper discuss how the justice system failed Emmett Till, Rosewood, and the families of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and then argue the possibility of there being another Emmett Till, Rosewood, or Tulsa in the United States today. Would justice be swift, delayed, or would it be denied? Please use relevant examples of recent and current events to support your argument.Also could you add another paragraph