The Multicom Case

Chapter 11 of Images of Organizations presents and analyzes the Multicom Case. To begin our analysis of organizations as metaphors, organizational culture and organizational change, you will inject yourself into the Multicom case study.You are a 30 year-old marketing and public relations professional. You earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a public relations minor and subsequently a master’s degree in marketing, both from the local state university. As part of your marketing degree, you served as an unpaid intern for the newly founded Multicom corporation, who offered you a full-time position upon the completion of your degree.You have now been employed at Multicom for four years. You have quickly worked you way up the ranks and have earned a mid-management position. You have a bright future. Simultaneously, you have experienced the tension of operating within an organization whose founders have different visions for the organizational culture and the future of the organization more broadly.As the organization divides into Multicom and Media 2000, both firms recruit you; Multicom wants to retrain you, Media 2000 wants to recruit you. Both are offering comparable new job titles, job responsibilities, opportunities for advancement, benefits and compensation.Decide which firm you are going to choose to work for. Then write an academic essay that grounds your decision in organizational theory. Quality essays will:Provide a clear decision and related rationaleDiscuss how your skill set, values, and working style fit within the organization and its visionDiscuss how organizational culture and dynamics contributed to your decisionExtensively apply and cite module materialThe essay should be a maximum of 2 to 2.5 pages, double spaced, standard fonts and margins. Essays will be graded on clarity, organization and a meaningful application of material from this module.