The Negative Effect Participation Trophies have on Children as they Grow Up

Business Law 510 students and/or students taking the class for graduate credit will berequired to draft a persuasive position paper on a topic relative to the subject matter of thecourse. All topics must be approved by the instructor. All papers must conform to thefollowing drafting requirements: a font of No. 12 Times New Roman or other acceptablefont, double-space, proper citation to authority, a Works Cited page, a length of betweeneight (8) and ten (10) pages, and 1” margins all around.
Please use in text citations as well as a Works Cited page. This is a persuasive paper meant to sway the reader to my point of view. My point of view is that participation trophies decrease motivation in both people that don’t and do deserve to be awarded. If you put forth minimal effort and offer nothing of substance, you should not receive a trophy. It creates a sense of complacency for minimal effort which is detrimental to mental strength as one moves forward in life. It also demotivates those that have put in maximum effort and produced success.