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Deliverable 1 – Theory to Guide Nursing Practice Assignment
Assignment Content


Describe theory development in nursing.

Student Success Criteria

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As a BSN prepared nurse, it is an expectation that you incorporate theory into your daily practice. As a new graduate, you are interviewing for a position as a registered nurse in a large academic medical center. When scheduling the interview, the Human Resource department provided some possible interview topics and suggested that you be prepared to discuss these topics. One topic included, “Discuss one nursing theorist that will guide your clinical practice.”


As a means of organizing the information, you decide to prepare an Infographic that includes the following information:

Select one nursing theorist and summarize the theory.
Identify the concepts and relational statements of the selected nursing theory.
Discuss the contributions of that theory to nursing practice.
Submit a share URL that links to the Infographic.

Option for Infographic templates
I need to make an infographic for my nursing course. Help