To show that you can apply the elements of fiction we have been studying in a written analysis of a short story and to write an organized essay on a literary work that develops a thesis with support from the text of the work

Topic“ How I Met My Husband” is an initiation story in which the main characterMoves into a new stage of her life and becomes more aware of the world sheIs entering. Write an essay in which you show how Alice Munro uses Point of viewTo show the painful awakening of Edie.(Instructions)-Include an analysis of the theme of the story you are writing about. What are we, as readers, to learn from each story? How is the story relevant to our lives?-You may include elements of fiction other than those I have asked for in each of the options as needed, but keep the focus on those in the topic, and on theme. You may, for example, want to show how character and setting are related, or how the setting affects the plot-Use the Checklists in the chapters in your textbook to help you review elements you are writing about, and for theme.-Be sure to include more than just one part of an element. For example, if you are writing about character, don’t just identify the protagonist. Explain why the character is the protagonist, using evidence from the story. And, don’t forget to write about both flat and round characters, etc. Don’t forget about minor characters. What is their purpose?*Essay structure1. Your essay should have a title that reflects something about your essay’s specific content or main point. (It should not be “Essay Number One” or “Short Story Essay”.)2. Your Introduction should include the title of the story you’ve chosen, in quotes, and its writer’s full name within the first few sentences of your essay. Your introductory paragraph should make clear exactly what the focused subject of your essay is. Include your thesis statement near the end of the first paragraph.3. Each body paragraph should include a clear topic sentence followed by ample evidence from the text of the story and analysis. TEA paragraph structureworks well for these: Topic, Evidence (often in the form of quotations), Analysis (of the quotations that you believe support your points).4. Yes, this means you need to include quotations from the story. If you need help with how to do this, see the sample student essays in your textbook, and the Writing Center tutorial called “Using Quotations”. (Tutorial #22)5. Include a body paragraph on the theme of the story, showing what in the story leads you to believe this is the theme. (Remember to state the theme as a full sentence rather than an abstract term or a phrase. Reread the last paragraph on p. 205. Follow its advice.)6. Your conclusion should address the value of reading or sharing this story. (No need to summarize what you have already made clear!)7. Include a Work Cited page in current MLA format. Example:Henry, O. “The Gift of the Magi.” Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, edited by X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia, 13th ed., Pearson,2016, pp. 186-189.